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2013 equinox questions
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 6:52 PM
i have the 2013 ecotec 2.4 lae engine. and as you know they burn oil like a sub. well, i tore it down put in new cast rings and rod bearings plus seals. plus i added a normal pvc system. one thing i also did that i may have to take away is i cleaned out the pvc that sets on the intake at the head. i drilled it then next size larger. now i see that just having this factory system working might be the oil burning issue. plus i read that the timing chain tensioner may leak as well becaue some have a bad design.

so my questions. because most people do not like the factory pvc system as they claim it is the reason for most of the oil use and i installed a normal system with the pvc on the oil fill cap and i ran it into the intake down by the starter. should i plug the factory pvc circuit as most seem to think that system sucked the oil?

i put in the sealed power economy rings because they are the cast iron type and what i'm hoping after they break in as they will have a bit more resistance to oil use. i have had good luck with that type of ring in the past but this is the first time i used them on the ecotec?

last if the timing chain tensioner is leaking past the parker o-ring and i have to take that one out. i have the old tensioner but i do not want to pull the valve cover if i can help it. so can i take the old tensioner that was not leaking and trip it and just put that in and have it go up against the timing chain tensioner guide and have the spring just collapse as it is tightened and then after it starts the oil pressure will just put whatever tension on the guide as needed?

and one last question. if all this fails to stop the oil use. can i put a cobalt ecotec 2.2 or 2.4 engine in the 2013 equinox and use the lea head and valve cover so that i can use the high-pressure fuel pump and the vvt system? i;m thinking the alt and a/c will bolt up the cobalt ecotec and the exhaust should also bolt up. most likely the water pump is the same and may have to get a longer radiator hose to reach the t/s? so would the cobalt engine bolt to the auto trans and the flex plat couple to the torque converter? and the cat bolt up the cobalt exhaust manifold?

i ask because i had the 2006 cobalt i'm sure that was an ecotec engine and it ran perfect and did not use a drop of oil. so if i can put one of those ecotec in it the equinox body is in great shape and would be worth changing out the engine.

thanks much

Re: 2013 equinox questions
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 7:25 PM
ok i see the cobalt head will not fit the 2013 vvt engine. so what engine will bolt into the 2013 equinox that is not a oil burner? this engine has the vvt system but maybe i can deal with the engine light if another engine will bolt into this car if i can't get the oil use to slow down or stop.

for now i;m going to check the tensioner and plug up the original pvc circuit. i can do that without taking off the head because i drilled thru the manifold and plugged the outside hole with a 4-40 screw. what i will do is take that screw out and install a longer screw and put it up to the factory pvc hole.

also, i will look the engine over for leaks, the rings and pvc may be doing their jobs and i have a leak going on. tomorrow i will have the car and i will check and let you know what i find.

but i still need your opinion on the tensioner if i find the new one is leaking. the old one has a broken retainer plus if i do not take the valve cover off i can't tap the tensioner to get it to release. that is why i was going to use the old one that is tripped and have it collapse as it hits the chain guide. i can push the plunger in on the old unit because the trip mechanism broke and i took it out so it has the spring now pushing out the plunger. so i think the plunger will collapse and it is tightened and then when it get oil pressure it will again push on the guide as needed. thanks.
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