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2013 2.4 ecotec code issue question
Monday, March 14, 2022 4:07 PM
ok guys i have the 2013 equinox 2.4 ecotec auto awd and i had to rebuild itlast fall. new timing chain guide phasers tensioner and the same for the water pump. but the water pump is not the issue. and for timing it is hard to mess that up being i had the color marks to go by. i put the crank at 5 o'clock and the cams were exhaust at like 10 o'clock and intake at 2 o'clock

anyway, i'm getting these codes now and i have no clue yet where to look. this is my girls car and it does use a bit of oil and she let it get a bit low last week and on the way to work it gave her a bump and then she got 3 codes. p0011 p0016 p0017 . so i figure the p0011 was due to low oil and the cam a phaser failed to align itself. so she did find it was a bit low. anyway she had the oil changed and p0011 did not return but p0016 and p0017 come back and today i changed out the phasers just in case they were the cause and they came back. they come back fast i rev the engine and turn it off and when i restarted it they are there.

so in doing some research one common issue they say could be the crank sensor but i do not yet get a crank sensor code. so can anyone here give me an idea where to look? i measured the ohms on the old solenoids and both were 13 ohms and they did click. also the same for the new solenoids they were 12 ohms and they clicked when i put 12 volts to them. so i do not think the solenoids were bad.

all i have to do testing is a centech scanner and voltmeters but because with changing out the solenoids and getting the same codes back i'm not leaning on those being the issues

see photos at where i set the chain. i did go by some YT vids to make sure i got that correct. and when i rotated the crank they did come back after a few turns and no interference with the valves that i could feel or hear.

thanks for any ideas on this one bp.
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