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2.2 Alfa Romeo 159 Boost options
Wednesday, August 24, 2011 12:53 PM
Hi guys, as some of you may or may not know, The 2.2 JTS engine in the Alfa Romeo 159/brera is actually a Ecotec 2.2 engine with some of alfas touch on the head and fuel injection.

Anyways, on to what i came searchin for from the ecotec gurus ok so i was thinking of running a turbo on my car, preferably a garrett GT2252 or a veriable geomitry turbo that will work there, i want to run stock internals and heard the 2.2 ecotec can handle about 7psi, is this correct? and also can anyone direct me to the parts i would need for this mod or get advice from anyone who already did such a mod to the 2.2? Logic dictates that since the entire engine is identical almost except for the top i can surely make one of the other 2.2 ecotecs mods fit on nicely?

Another option i considered is the supercharger kit? just dont know how easy it is to install and how it looks so i can plan for space accordingly? and another problem with the supercharger kit is that i probably wont be able to buy it from our local GM dealer with the part number because we dont have the brand cars you guys do, the only car running this engine in SA i think is the Alfa, but maybe if someone would be willing, someone can buy one and send it over here? (with my money ofcourse)

Anyways lots of different thoughts at the same time, so sorry if this post is a bit hectic.

I look forward to hearing from the members here, im a newbie and would like to get involved with people of the same engine family

Re: 2.2 Alfa Romeo 159 Boost options
Friday, August 26, 2011 6:23 AM
As long as the intake and exhaust flanges on the head have the same bolt pattern as the Ecotec then you are good to go.

As for the 7psi number, that is false. Different forms of boost will net different power levels at different pressures. Im currently making ~230whp with 13psi out of a supercharger on a stock 2.2L. If it the bottom end is like the 2.2L then as long as you keep it under 260whp you will be fine.

Alot of guys pull the exhaust manifold/turbo off the 2003+ SAAB 9-3s with the 2.0T engine. It is very good starter set-up and well within what the stock Ecotec can hold.

What are you doing for tuning? This is very important. People have blown up stock engines that are well below the "failure zone" because of improper tuning while others are holding together above the "failure zone" because of great tuning.

its an old concept. time for something new to take the reigns. - Z yaaaa

Re: 2.2 Alfa Romeo 159 Boost options
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 5:39 AM
Hi thanks for the usefull info! we have a few saabs here and there so i might just consider that!, as for tuning, i was thinking of getting unichip to do the tuning for me, the alfa has a very high pressure fuel pump standard and has direct fuel injection so i think on stock injectors they might be able to make it work? after all im not looking at running insane boost levels, i just want to have a nice powerful driving experience. so i would just need to do a lot of piping work along with the saab turbo and manifold and ofcourse the tuning?
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