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nitrous fogger nozzle placement
Sunday, March 20, 2005 8:36 PM
ok, here's one for the n2o ppl here to answer (and the rest to flame). i have a chance to buy a nx wet kit (35-150hp) for uber cheap, new in the box from my work. looking at the single fogger nozzle the most logical place to put it seems to be in the air intake neck in front of the throttle body. the problem with this i think is the routing of the ecotec intake manifold. with the downward dip it has, wouldn't that create a chance for fuel puddling in the bottom of the manifold? (looking at teh 35 shot btw) the only other engine mods would be a cai and cat-back.

thanks in advance to any who can help.

disclaimer: this is just for my fyi as per nitrous on an ecotec. the kit would most likely end up on my fairlane (with a carb plate instead of the fogger)

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Re: nitrous fogger nozzle placement
Monday, July 09, 2007 6:03 PM
I heard from a few other people in person that the factory 2.2 ECO intake manifold is too weak for nitrous. Allthough they did not say what amount would cause it to fail, it has made me wait until I get the GM Full Race manifold and throttle body. Also im getting the Accel 355cc injector kit (through Hahn Racecraft). I just want mine to work without too many issues.Plus GMs manifold comes with a plugged hole for a fogger to be installed. Really convenient if ya ask me. Anyway, just tellin waht i know/ have heard. Good luck man.

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Re: nitrous fogger nozzle placement
Wednesday, July 11, 2007 12:45 PM
it needs to be 6 inches away before the tb and facing the tb, the intake will not puddle unless your engine is at low rpm when you hit, otherwise never a problem, and the factory intake can take over a 250 shot with no blow problem, and the gm intake you are waiting for will not fit your car, it will fit the engine but will hit your rad. support, those intakes are for the drag motors and they are kicked back 7 deg. further for oil reasons. so you want it to fit you will have to cut your car. and not much more power factory manifold is good to close to 600 with boost or spray.
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