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Ecotec I4/Tranny swap options for Sonic
Monday, March 06, 2017 8:11 PM
Hey there! I've been prowling the net looking for info on EcoTec swaps and found you guys.

I don't see much information on the 1.4L Turbo (LUV) and 1.8L N/A (LUJ) EcoTec engines from the Chevy Sonic and Cruze anywhere. I myself am the owner of a 1.4L Turbo Chevy Sonic with the manual M-32 6-speed transmission. Myself and several other Sonic owners are looking for accurate information regarding engine swaps.

I would like to know if all of the Transverse-mount Inline-4 EcoTec engines that share the "GM EcoTec 4-cylinder pattern" bellhousing also share the same motor mount locations/dimensions. These include the LK9, LSJ, LNF (LDK & LHU), LE5, LAF (LEA), LTG, and LCV (LKW). Are there differences between the Gen II blocks and the Gen III blocks that would make a swap more difficult?

Since a Sonic or Cruze starts out with a EcoTec I4 engine, is it still necessary to completely change the ECU, BCM, etc. for a swap? Or would a simple re-tune allow the vehicle to run the new setup with relatively little trouble? I know the wiring harnesses would need to be changed as well as parts related to direct inject vs. port inject and turbocharged vs. supercharged.

Just as a practical example, what would be required to swap a Chevy Sonic LUV/M-32 drivetrain for a LTG/F40 setup? Would it be possible to do this swap in stages? EX: LUV/F40 combo?

Thanks for the help!

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