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Whats the Race??
Wednesday, July 26, 2006 9:32 PM
Well im from the island of guam...here yeh we are into racing...im like one of da only 04 cavalier 4drs to race, or well dat i know of...n lately races have been gettin hectic...my best race so far was wit a couple of my friends...one has a 2005 tc wit intake n exhaust, this guy is a really good driver, another has a 02 i think honda k24 accord, a few things put into it or is it a lot, automatic but this guy wont let go of da throttle...anyways i raced both of them n so far i hav only lost because of my stupid top end...i also raced a couple of v8s n did pretty dam well for a four banger....anyways da questions is...what is anyones best race against any car??

da guy from guam-jess

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Re: Whats the Race??
Tuesday, September 19, 2006 7:49 AM
06 gto stick, 6.0 full exhaust, long tube headers, and the number one reason why I thought it would beat me hands down ,it has a intercooled ATI procharger kit on it . He wanted to race I thougth it was going to be a waste of his time, or he thought he was going to make me look really bad witch I thought also. So we raced close at first started to get a slow pull on him in 3rd and two times in a row he missed forth. The last time he had a clean run and he lost about a 1 1/4 car lenths. This is at the track and by now think is a joke but mine car is not factory by far It has a intercooled turbo kit , needle bearing super 16 g turbo at 13 psi on (junk) falken drag radials. I have a bunch of other stuff but I 'am not going to bother to list. It's on www.cardomain.com under turboeco I have not had time to update yet with new time slips and upgrades
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