Forum Rules

  1. Use the SEARCH button before you post. Chances are if you are going to post about an article in the latest magazine, or any number of other things, someone has already posted about it.
  2. Use the PREVIEW button. If you want to test out your new sig, PREVIEW until you get it right. "Testing" posts will not be tolerated. Ever.
  3. No flaming or foul language. Bypassing the forum's built-in language filters may lead to immediate banning. English is the preferred language (with the exception of those Spanish and French speaking regions). Posts that are unintelligible will be removed. Racism is not tolerated on this site.
  4. Members should hold a high moral standard when posting. Any content that is immature, gross, pornographic or explicit in nature is not allowed.
  5. Respect other members. Everyone has their own tastes, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how wrong it is. Some people will have negative opinions towards topics, pictures and the like. They are entitled to those opinions. Likewise, if you don't think highly of something, be considerate when expressing such opinions.
  6. Fighting over the internet is lame. Don't do it.
  7. Before trying to post images or links, read the Forum Code page. Use the PREVIEW button until you master the art of posting links and images.
  8. Read an entire post before responding to it. Whatever you are going to say may have already been said.
  9. Unapproved advertising in the forums is prohibited. For advertising information please see our advertising information page. Approved advertisers may post only as outlined in their agreement.
  10. Personal "For Sale" posts are NOT allowed. Private ads may be posted in the classifieds. Companies may contact us for advertising rates or visit our advertising information page.
  11. Do not cross post. Unless it is an official site announcement, cross posting, or posting the same message in more then one forum is NOT welcome.
  12. Post in the correct forum. Each forum has a topic, and you can see it at the top of each page. If a message doesn't fit that topic, it will get locked or deleted. The general forum is a bit relaxed, but it is not an 'anything goes' forum either.

    If regional forums are available, posts of local concern (ie. "anyone from California?") belong in their respective regional forum. These posts may be moved, locked or deleted if found in any other forum!

  13. The subject of a post is important to bring people to read that post, and to effectively summarize the topic. Thus, it is important that the subject line does not mislead, and makes sense. Subjects such as "Read This", "Click Here", etc. are not welcome. Likewise subjects that don't make sense or are misleading to the content of the post will not be tolerated.
  14. No "Post Jacking" or "Post-Whoring". Post-jacking is replying to a thread with something that is completely off the topic of the thread. Post-whoring is the act of making a thread, post, or series of posts that convey a minimal or non-existent amount of information. Furthermore, comments like "In Before The Lock" "Fear The Lock" "Bump" "ttt" or any other wasted post may not be used. Such posts waste bandwidth, and have no purpose.
  15. If you are new, do yourself a favor and hang around a while - read posts, and most importantly SEARCH before you begin to post. Being a newbie is inevitable. Being a stupid newbie can be avoided, though.
  16. Account sharing is not permitted. Using another member's account may result in a ban for both members for an indefinite period of time.
  17. Only ONE account is permitted for each member. This is a serious violation, and will result in ALL accounts being deleted.
  18. The GME in no way condones activities such as street racing or operating a vehicle in any manner that can legally or rationally be considered 'reckless' in nature. Any post or thread discussing, promoting, or otherwise being of general relation to this topic is not allowed.
  19. A moderator's decision is the final word. If you have a LEGITIMATE complaint about a moderator, please contact us. Lame complaints will be ignored at best. Stupid complaints might put you on a list that you don't want to be on. DO NOT POST MESSAGES IN THE FORUM WITH COMPLAINTS ABOUT MODERATOR DECISIONS!

Moderators may, at their discretion, enforce the rules in one of three ways:

  1. Locking the offending post. Locking a post means nobody can reply to it.
  2. Deleting the offending post.
  3. Banning the author of the post. Banning is a serious thing. Bans can be temporary or they can be permanent. The severity of the ban depends on the situation(s) that led up to the ban.

Sig Limits

Maximum sig size: 200 pixels high, 600 pixels wide. This includes images and any accompanying sig text. If your ENTIRE sig, including TEXT can't fit in the space below, it's TOO BIG. Note: that doesn't mean you have to use those dimensions exactly... it still stands that the smaller it is, the better.

Maximum sig FILE size: not strictly enforced - but PLEASE try to keep it under 100k.

Enforcement: Warning and deleting of saved sig - first offense. Continued abuse will result in temporary posting bans. Repeated violations after that would result in permanent bans.

For more information see the SIG FAQ page.

"If you're a jabroni who can't even FIGURE OUT the size of your own sig, you can't post it." - AGuSTiN

Post Limits/Duplicate Accounts

If you run out of posts, you have two options -
1. Get a premium membership. It's only $1.99 a month or $19.99 for a year, and there are more benefits then just unlimited posts.
2. Wait until the next month.

If you don't want to do either of those, then you should pace yourself better so as not to run out of posts before the end of the month. Posts that are made under someone else's account will be deleted AND BOTH MEMBERS MAY BE BANNED OR DELETED FROM THE SITE.


Advertising, Businesses and GME

Advertising by non-business level members is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the forums. Business members are those that are identified separately from 'members' and 'premium members' and are clearly labeled in their profile. Prohibited advertising includes forum posts and text/graphics/links in the signature area of posts.

Posts announcing NEW products is welcome. If a new product is NOT made by your company, you may only announce it's availability, you may not post sale details unless you are a business member.

Businesses have two options to sell their products to GME members -
2. Pay for advertising

Advertising and business membership packages are available on all GME sites. Information on banner advertising and rates are on the advertising page. Custom packages are available, please contact us for details.