For a taste of Detroit and Europe blended together, look no further than the Buick Lucerne CXX Luxury Liner by Rick Bottom Custom Motor Sports of Mendota, Ill. This interpretation of the Lucerne delivers a great, fun-to-drive enthusiast’s commuter car that occasionally ferries business passengers.

The Lucerne CXX Luxury Liner begins with a two-tone exterior finish with White Gold Flash tri-coat on the sides and Glacier Gold Flash over the top down to the beltline. The colors are divided by a 1/8-inch Gold Miststripe. The two-tone effect conveys a lower, sleeker look.

A ground effects kit consisting of add-on body pieces to the front and rear fascias and rocker panels brings the body closer to the pavement for a performance-oriented look. A small deck spoiler visually extends the length of the trunk. CXX badging tops off the package.

And speaking of the V-8, the Lucerne CXX’s existing Northstar powerplant gets a 20-percent power increase from revised ECU programming, and a Corsa exhaust with noise-cancellation technology provides a throaty sound but whisper-quiet cruising.

Because stance is everything in a performance ride, the Rick Bottom customizers reduced the tire-to-fender gap for an Autobahn-capable appearance, and reduced the ride height by 2.25 inches.

Inside, buttery soft Cashmere leather with perforated inserts on the seats allows the full functioning of the cooled-seat feature. An audio/visual/navigation system worthy of a luxury liner awaits drivers and passengers. The vehicle is equipped with OnStar.

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