Shawn Beaupre


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1999 Pontiac Sunfire GT

About This Vehicle:

PIcked this up for a song September 2017. Had a number of parts still around from my Cavalier after I sold it so I began refurbishing most of it and adding it to the Sunfire.

Body Style: Convertible
Color: Red
Engine: LD9
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Grey


  • Spring Springs
  • Tokico HP Blues
  • Monroe mounts and boots
  • 18" Impala LTZ Wheels
  • NFW front brakes
  • aluminum control arms
  • wheel adapters on rear to match 5x115 bolt pattern
  • Custom rear setup for N-body hubs and 3rd Gen F-body rear brakes. N-body IRS swap being currently refurbished and powdercoated. This will likely go on next season. F-body brakes will be transfered with the IRS
  • LSS sides
  • 03-05 Rear
  • paint