Eric Hibar


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1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

About This Vehicle:

My first car, given to me by my parents, I drove it until the day I bought my 2000 cav. My younger sister then received it, and drove it until she totaled it (swerved to miss a kitten...) The junkyard crushed it and it is now a scrap of metal. RIP "Pimpalier"

Body Style: Sedan
Color: Teal -WRECKED-
Engine: 2.2L I4 OHV
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Charcoal
Purchase Date: Bran new in 1997


  • Chrome Spinning hubcaps YYYYEEEAAHHH!!!!
  • Blue neons
  • Radar Detector
  • Steering wheel cover
  • Seat covers
  • Gas & Brake pedal covers
  • None
  • Revisit the heap of metal that was once my baby.